Supporting our Front Line Services

Kirsty McCullough
Kirsty McCullough

With discounts available to Blue Light Card holders!

Many of you reading this will doubtless be able to recall a time or occasion when a nurse’s care has helped make your life better, or you called upon the services of the Police or Fire Sevice. Such stories could be told right across our societies, around the world. This makes it only befitting that Blue Light Card proudly provides those in the NHS, emergency services, social care sector and armed forces with with well-deserved discounts across a range of retailers.

Here at fourfive, we certainly have plentiful reasons to be thankful for everything nurses do for us, not least given our own backgrounds as sportspeople who were inspired to launch our CBD business because of our passion for supporting the health and wellness of others. But we’re also happy to express our gratitude for the sterling work of the emergency response sector, and to all key workers amongst our customers that we offer a 30% discount to Blue Light Card holders.  

Blue Light Card

What is Blue Light Card? 

Blue Light Card is a scheme whereby those in the NHS, emergency services, social care sector, and armed forces are able to access discounts through a range of represented brands, online and in-store.  

Here at fourfive, we are proud to play our part in supporting members of the Blue Light Card community through the 30% discounts we offer across our range. 

So, if you are a Blue Light Card holder and fancy treating yourself to the best in Nutrition, CBD Oils, creams, balms, or Hydration, why look anywhere else?

Serious CBD products with serious credentials 

One other thing we know and love about front line workers here on the fourfive team, is that they have a critical eye for quality and what is right. This applies across the gamut of what they do as a profession, but also to every other part of their life, so they are certainly not likely to accept just ‘any old’ CBD products when they are in the market for them. 

With that in mind, if you are a medical worker, police officer or firefighter you may be reassured to know that our CBD plus+ range (Pro CBD Oil, CBD Muscle Rub & CBD Thermal Joint Gel) have all undergone stringent Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG) testing, and our Vitamins are all certified by Informed Sport

So, you can be sure that these CBD products are free from hidden drugs, THC and other compounds that are banned in sport. 

And of course, our 30% Blue Light Card discounts on these renowned fourfive products are available right through the year. So, whether you are a nurse or work in another eligible profession, why not help yourself today to some new favourites of your own?

Looking for other discounts?

We also support students and seniors with 20% off their first order. To get your discount code head to our discount links page here.