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George Kruis is a professional rugby player with 12 years of experience playing International and club level rugby. His love for the sport and his exceptional skills have led him to not only gain three European titles and four Premiership trophies for English Premiership club Saracens; but also achieve over 45 caps for England during 2 World Cups and a British and Irish Lions tour.


Dom Day was a professional rugby player for 14 years. He played in the 2015 Rugby World Cup for Wales, and has over 250 top flight games to his name. His long rugby career has taken him around the globe to places including Australia and Japan, finishing his career as a proud member of the English Premiership club Saracens where he fell in love with George & CBD.

At fourfive, our mission is simple – we want to help people lead healthier, happier lives through the power of CBD and Vitamin supplements – and we only use the highest quality plant extracts and ingredients. Our premium blends are designed by world class scientists to fit seamlessly into your daily routine, whether you’re taking CBD oil, capsules or vitamins.

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Our Story

We created fourfive after both suffering from a string of injuries and discovering the power of CBD in our recovery. As sportsmen we were immediately shown the direction of prescription drugs that had numerous adverse effects on our bodies and minds. We set out to find an effective, natural remedy to our pain and loss of sleep associated with injury and were surprised by the lack of sports trusted CBD products in the UK

Using CBD had a transformative effect on our injuries, we were able to come off painkillers and continue injury free so we decided to create the UK’s first BSCG and Informed Sport tested CBD and Vitamin nutrition supplements brand. To bring a premium, top quality and trusted health supplement brand to the market that included top quality supplements and CBD. We believe in the power of CBD on your everyday health and wellness, you don’t need to be a top sports professional to feel the benefits of using quality CBD oils, capsules and Vitamins in your everyday routine, but you can trust that we’ve created the very best. After all your body is a temple, let’s not fill it with rubbish.

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Is CBD safe?

CBD is considered exceptionally safe and has become a popular mainstream health supplement. We only manufacture to extremely high standards and always verify our cannabinoid profile so that you can trust in the purity, safety and quality of all of our products.

Why do you perform lab tests?

By verifying the cannabinoid content in our products, we can ensure the quality remains consistent. By being independently lab tested it means we are under strict standards of quality. If we say there is 500mg of CBD in a product – we can actually prove it.


Dr Elisabeth

Why we’ve worked with the best

We decided that we only wanted to work with the best experts to make the best products on the market. That’s why we enlisted the help of Dr Elisabeth Philipps, a clinical neuroscientist specialising in the endocannabinoid system. She’s passionate about using nutrition and lifestyle to better support the connections between our guts and brains (the gut-brain axis) and the ECS, as well as supporting a healthy gut microbiome, which contributes to all aspects of our physical and psychological health. She graduated from KCL in 1997 with a BSc in Human Science and Medicine, having specialised in Neuroscience, and took up a research PhD (DPhil) in Neuropharmacology at Oxford University – so she really knows what she’s doing.

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