Top Tips to Stay Well This Festival Season

Dr Elisabeth Philipps
Dr Elisabeth Philipps

Festival season has made its long-awaited return with masses set to make their way to watch the biggest names in music live and in person. But, does that mean self-care should go out the window?

Forget all-nighters and hangovers, it’s no longer cool to be burned out, overtired and running on fumes. That’s why our in-house nutrition expert, Dr Elisabeth Philipps, has put together her top tips to help you stay ahead of the wellness curve and get the most out of festival season, without it getting the most of you. 

Dr Philipps’ Top Tips to Stay Healthy at a Festival

1. Try CBD for Tired Muscles

A weekend full of silent discos, dancing and sleeping in a tent is bound to play havoc on your body. CBD is a natural product  that when combined with other active ingredients can offer the body’s muscles some much-needed relief. The use of CBD topicals like muscle rubs and joint gels will help keep you active for longer, so you can carry on two-stepping all night. 

2. Afternoon Naps

Taking down time in the afternoon to rest and recuperate will help keep your energy levels up for when the headliners take the stage. Take an eye mask and ear plugs, block the world out and rest deeply. Rest can be just as good as sleep in many cases, so making sure you’re taking time out for yourself is key to recharging.

3. Avoid Too Much Caffeine

Whilst you may think energy drinks are your friend at festivals, they may in fact be your foe. Caffeine overload is likely to leave your body feeling highly anxious and wired and is sure to disturb any sleep you may be able to get between sets. 

Rather than relying on caffeine, take a multivitamin containing magnesium, vitamin C and B vitamins which will help naturally support your energy – without the added anxiety.  

4. Keep Up Your Water Intake

Hydration is so important when it comes to festivals. Whilst you may be trying to avoid having to use the dreaded festival toilets, dehydration will lead to headaches, and low energy and is likely to ruin those good vibes your favourite bands make you feel. 

Drinking water is especially important if you’re consuming alcohol. Match every alcoholic drink with at least a small bottle of water to ensure you keep enjoying yourself in the best possible way.

5. Try Out The Healthy Food Stalls

Don’t just opt for the nearest food truck to keep you nourished this festival season. Seek out stalls that have gut supporting foods like salad, falafel, hummus or egg & bacon baps. Take your own festival-friendly snacks with you like nuts, whole-grain bars and dried fruit to help keep your energy levels boosted. 

Taking a biotic supplement at least a week before, during and for weeks after the festival will also help support your gut amongst the sudden diet changes. Lactobacillus rhamnosus, found in some biotic supplements, has also been shown to reduce any risk of unwanted loo visits, too. Just what you need when you’re sleeping in a field for the weekend!

By staying on top of these things you’re in good stead to soak in the summer fun, without paying the price. Keep your own personal wellness at the front of your mind and make the most of your festival experience.