Nadia Forde’s CBD Health & Wellness Routine

Philippa May
Philippa May

Nadia Forde is an Irish actor and model and the better half to our very own Dom Day. She popped in to tell us more about her CBD health and wellness journey this year, and why she won’t prepare for her week without it.


I love pilates, boxing and HIIT

Do you have any interesting facts about yourself or any bad jokes…? (we love them)

I married Dom Day does that count as a bad joke…?

What fourfive products do you take and why? 

I take the 2000mg CBD spray unflavoured, the Vitamin D and the probiotics. The spray I love because it’s easy to take on the go, it’s so much easier to take quickly. The spray just makes it super easy to remember consistently. You can rush past – take a spray and there’s no need to wash it down with water. This year I started taking the vitamins alongside my CBD. Mostly because it seemed wise with the current health climate but also because I’m vegan, I’m wary of getting all the goodness in to my diet. fourfive probiotics have been incredible, I’ve seen a massive difference in my gut and energy levels, it’s the ideal probiotic for support of my digestive and immune health.

Had you ever tried CBD before? 

I’d tried CBD before but I’m super cautious about what I put into my body, it’s why I encouraged Dom so much to do it for himself. It meant we could trust that it was the very best, I love that so much of the range is vegan and has all the best ingredients in it. When I’d tried CBD before I was never quite sure on which to go for or which to trust… 

What made you decide to invest in your CBD journey? 

I’m a big believer in getting the most out of your day. I’m super busy with work, my daughter and I love working out. It can all be a big squeeze but I massively feel the benefits when I get that extra workout in. I’d always read a lot about how CBD oil could aid sleep, improve anxiety and help your body recover and that is something I really wanted to invest in for my own wellbeing. It took me a while to get into the habit of taking it everyday but now I wouldn’t look back. It’s helped me stay focused on my health and wellness and I’ve never felt better. 

Tell us a bit about your experience using fourfive CBD, did it help with a particular issue that you were experiencing or have you noticed something you didn’t expect to improve? 

I really noticed after having Wyatt, my daughter, I was more stressed than usual. I imagine there are a lot of mums that feel the same. Your postnatal journey is always unique and so it’s hard to prepare for. My sleep routine had completely fallen off a cliff. For the first time I couldn’t get a good night of sleep even though I was knackered. After taking CBD oil religiously for a few months my sleep quality improved so significantly. I could get back to my more rigorous workouts which are super important for my job. It helped me to find balance. I found that I had more energy and a better overall feeling of wellness. I feel like it capped off my holistic approach to life perfectly, I recommend it to all of my friends especially the ones that have kids!

How do you take fourfive and do you combine it with any other nutritional supplements? 

I love a Teapigs herbal tea, I try not to drink any alcohol and so use a herbal tea to wind down in the evening, it’s the perfect partner to my CBD routine. I’ve also started adding a few pro oil CBD drops to my morning smoothies. I figured I was dosing my CBD and whizzing up a smoothie at the same time so why not combine the two?

Nadia’s Green CBD Smoothie Recipe

I whizz it all up in my Nutribullet and drink it every morning, especially when I’m running out the door!

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Informed Sport Trusted CBD oil Spirulina has powerful anti-inflammatory properties
Cruelty free vegan CBD vitamins oil UK CBD helps Nadia with her stress & anxiety