Best Vitamins For Nails

Kirsty McCullough
Kirsty McCullough

In the same way that you must take care of the skin on your face, your nails should be considered and looked after, too.

Made of keratin, your nails are an extension of your skin organ. When your nails are weak, brittle, have white spots or unhealthy nail beds it can mean your body is lacking key nutrients necessary for its functions and in keeping your skin healthy. 

By understanding which vitamins can aid in strengthening and improving your nails, you can supplement your balanced lifestyle vitamins that will enrich the cells of your nails and improve their health.

So, which vitamins are best for nails?

Vitamins For Nail Growth

Whether you’re a prone nail-biter or just can’t seem to achieve longer nails, there are key vitamins that may be able to help achieve healthier nails.


Biotin is a B vitamin that is suggested to help improve nail growth. 

Biotin’s main function is to assist the body in breaking down food for energy. Its ability to help break down carbs, fats and proteins ensures the body gets everything it needs for full health. 

Biotin helps promote healthy cell growth within the body, providing an increased level of amino acids which are key for long fingernails.

Vitamins for Nail Strength

 Vitamin B

Like biotin, other B vitamins are also the best vitamins for brittle nails. Assisting the body in absorbing iron and creating red blood cells, vitamin B helps the body get everything it needs for strong, healthy nails. 

White spots on your nails can indicate a vitamin b deficiency, as your body has a lack of calcium. Milk, yoghurt and other dairy products contain calcium vitamin b, essential for good strong nails.

Vitamin C

The body cannot make its own vitamin C, which is why supplements and eating the right types of foods like fruits and vegetables, are important. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that also assists the body with collagen production which is key for strong nails. If your body does not get enough vitamin C this will result in brittle nails.

The recommended daily intake for vitamin c is 1,000mg. Pairing our fourfive Vitamin C Capsules alongside citrus fruits, peppers, strawberries and broccoli can help ensure your body has the correct levels of vitamin C for strong nails.

Vitamins For Healthy Nails

Omega 3 

Omega 3 oils help enrich your nails with moisture, making them appear shinier and look healthier. The fatty acids in omega 3 can help nourish the cells within your nail that contribute positively to their overall health and appearance. Helping to support your brain, eyes and heart, omega 3 also prevents inflammation in the body, which can be key in the healthy appearance of your nails.

Our bodies don’t make Omega-3 fatty acids which means you must get them from your diet. Purchase our fourfive Omega 3 Fish Oil to nourish your body with key fatty acids for good nail health.

Iron Supplements For Nails

Iron is also necessary for healthy, red blood cells that transport oxygen to all the organs within our bodies – including the skin our nails are made of. 

Ensuring your iron levels are sufficient will help improve the appearance of your nails. If you have an iron deficiency you will begin to see ridges in your nails as they concave from lack of iron. The fourfive Female Multivitamin has 107% NRV of iron, ideal for regulating iron levels during the month and keeping them at a sufficient level.

Overall, supplementing a balanced diet with key vitamins to improve your health can also help strengthen your nails and regain their integrity. Shop our full range of Vitamin Supplements at fourfive today and enhance your nail appearance.

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