Leicester Tigers Rugby Club Official Wellness Partner

George Kruis
George Kruis

After announcing the launch of our partner programme in 2021 we are excited to announce our continued support of the legendary Leicester Tigers Rugby Club as their Official Wellness Nutrition Partner for the 3rd season running.

For the season of 2023/24 fourfive will continue to provide the club with a range of athlete standard vitamins and premium wellness products to keep the team performing at their best for the coming weeks.

“I am pleased to announce the ongoing partnership with fourfive, our Official Wellness Nutrition Supplier. Our main focus is the performance and well-being of our teams so it’s great to collaborate with a company who houses the same values.”

Mark Davies, Chief Revenue Officer at Leicester Tigers

Our nutrition range was designed to bring professional standard supplements to everybody looking to stay healthy, happy and active. Our high spec combination of ingredients was created with athletes in mind, using industry leading experts and Informed Sport Testing. The endorsement from top performing clubs like Tigers proves that we’re second to none when it comes to quality supplements.

“We are thrilled to announce the continuation of our partnership with Tigers into the 2023/24 season. At fourfive we are scientific and obsessive about achieving optimum performance through effective supplements and are proud to provide top tier clubs such as Tigers with our range of game changing wellness.”

– George Kruis, Co-Founder, fourfive

We’re buzzing to be growing our partnership programme and to be able to give the fourfive club some exclusive access to Premiership Teams like Tigers. As we get further into the season we will have some exclusive content, competitions and news to send to our subscribers, so keep your eyes peeled.

“fourfive’s products are formulated to the highest specification, specifically targeted at those leading a demanding active lifestyle such as our players at Leicester Tigers. With the length of our season, the player’s bodies are under extreme stress and so we are very excited to be partnering with fourfive as the official wellness supplement provider to support the growing needs of our players.”

– Simon Wallis, Nutritionist, Leicester Tigers