5 reasons to make fourfive your source of reputable CBD products in the UK 

Kirsty McCullough
Kirsty McCullough

CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol, has been increasingly talked about in our culture in recent years. Much of that talk has centred on the benefits that CBD could have for recovery, health and wellness. 

But whether you are a seasoned user of CBD or you are only just coming to terms with the powerful role it could play in your life, how can you be sure that you are obtaining your CBD products from the best possible supplier? 

Here at fourfive, we don’t believe in leaving these matters to chance. So, let’s take a look at five of the factors that should influence your choice to go with us for the best in CBD oils, capsules, and topicals

We’re founded on the basis of first-hand experience 

While some online stores offering CBD supplements can sometimes give the impression of being established by someone chasing a craze, here at fourfive, the story is very different. 

Our brand and store were created by two passionate individuals with extensive experience as professional rugby players. Such direct experience has been a crucial element in both men discovering the profound role that CBD could play in their lives, including in their efforts to recover from injuries. 

We are BSCG and Informed Sport tested 

Before fourfive, no other UK CBD brand was BSCG tested. We participate in the BSCG Certified CBD program, and have certified vitamin nutrition supplements certified by  Informed Sport, all of which should give you greater peace of mind. 

We provide third-party lab reports 

One of the positives of today’s market, and the ease of finding all manner of information online, is that you don’t have to merely hope a given brand is as credible as it claims to be. Here at fourfive, we have sought to achieve the utmost transparency of such information, by providing the results of third-party lab tests for each and every product of ours

We offer a far-reaching range of useful CBD products 

While the sheer breadth and depth of a product range should never be your sole reason to turn to a particular CBD online store, it should be encouraging to you that we have brought our exacting attention to detail,and use of premium-quality ingredients, to CBD oils, capsules, and topicals alike. 

This means that, almost regardless of what your particular needs are, there is likely to be a CBD product,or several,in our range to match those requirements, helping to make your life a bit easier. 

We make available convenient money-saving subscriptions 

You don’t have to risk forgetting to replenish your stock of CBD supplements in your cupboards, or even just running out due to availability issues wherever you buy your CBD products. 

Instead, sign up for a subscription with fourfive. Not only will you save 20% every month, but you’ll be able to sit back in the knowledge you’re receiving a consistent supply, delivered directly to your door, all while paying as little as £1 a day. 

There you have it, whatever the stage of your CBD journey you are at, there is reason to give serious consideration to fourfive. We believe strongly in extending the advantages of using CBD to everyone who wishes to access it to support their all-round life and lifestyle, and it could barely be quicker or easier to browse our store and discover a host of new favourite products.