Question & Answer with Tian Koekemoer

Philippa May
Philippa May

Name: Tian Koekemoer 

Age: 26 

Instagram handle: tiankoekemoer07 

Profession: Professional Cricketer 

Hobbies/Sport: I spend most of my off time on safari and exploring the bush especially the Kruger  National Park. I love staying active and enjoy anything that challenges me physically.  

Interesting facts: I was paralysed for about two months when I was a baby. The doctors didn’t know what was wrong but through lots of prayer and faith from all those close to me and my family, I started to function normally again. 

What fourfive products do you take and why?  

I take the fourfive CBD medium-strength oil. It helps me sleep well without any disruptions. I also take it to help speed up my recovery after/during cricket training and matches.  

How did you hear about fourfive? 

I underwent an Achilles operation and about two days after the operation I started looking for legal ways to recover faster. I came across FourFive CBD and through Dom and George’s testimonials I was convinced that it would help me recover quicker – and it did exactly that! 

Have you ever tried CBD before? 

Before FourFive CBD I had never tried CBD oil, so it was a new thing for me.  

What made you decide to invest in your CBD journey? 

Purely better and faster recovery from niggles and obviously my Achilles operation. I had a shoulder operation before my Achilles operation, and I used other methods to try and speed up my recovery which didn’t work as well as I’d liked. That is why I decided to give fourfive CBD oil a go.

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Tell us a bit about your experience using fourfive CBD, did it help with a particular issue that you were experiencing, or have you noticed something you didn’t expect to improve? 

My sleep got at least 50% better. Better sleep is known for aiding in recovery from training and various other things such as operations etc. It speeded up the healing process as my wound looked amazing after the operation. The surgeon told me it could be career-ending and at least  9 months recovery period. She however was shocked after seeing my foot which was in a cast for about 6 weeks. She at first told me it would be at least 9 months before I played again but after taking off the cast, she said at 4 months I would be able to start batting again which I did.  I also started bowling at 5 and a half months post-op which shows that my recovery was incredible. I haven’t had any problems and last week I did testing with my biokineticist and the tests showed that my right leg and Achilles was already stronger than the side which wasn’t operated on.  

How do you take fourfive and do you combine it with any other nutritional supplements either ours or something else like protein powder or homeopathics? 

I normally have two sprays in the morning and two before I go to bed at night. It’s become part of my daily routine when taking it. 

Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience with fourfive? 

Fourfive has been unbelievable in getting me back onto the cricket field. Going from being told that I might have a career-ending injury to being back fully training at 5 and a half months post-op has been very motivating. It’s given me a lot of confidence and I’m excited to see what impact fourfive CBD oil has when our season starts, and the workload increases. I’m sure that fourfive will be the difference in me recovering faster than I normally would have. Thank you to the fourfive team as well as Dom & George.