Question & Answer with Hendrick Famutimi

Dom Day
Dom Day

Hendrick Famutimi is a standout name in the world of Powerlifting. Twice a British Powerlifting U93kg champion and IPF Deadlift Gold Medalist, Hendrick is no stranger to competing at the very top of his game against the best of the best. To do this consistently though, how does he take care of his muscles? What Fourfive products does he use to help him recover and just how did he become known as ‘Superman’?

We sat down with Hendrick Famutimi, who you can check out on Instagram @thefitnesstruth_, to find out the answer to all of these and to get to know the international Powerlifter who is also known as ‘Superman’!

First of all, can you tell us where the nickname ‘Superman’ comes from? Has it anything to do with the shape you are in? Or is there something else…

When I was in school I wore glasses (well I still do now lol). I was quiet and never in the mix of trouble. I insisted in doing Judo as an after school hobby and rumours went around that this kid who wears glasses is strong as hell. Sports day came round and people saw how fast I was. 

All of a sudden people started calling me superman.  

How did you get into professional Power Lifting? Do you feel your sprinting & American Football experience helped with this?

I fell into powerlifting by accident lol. I did sprinting, American football and my wife basically said, “I need you more in the house, you can’t be out training and working all the time.” That’s true, I couldn’t. So I focused on lifting heavy weights during my breaks between PT clients. Deadlifts, squats etc

My friends took 9 months to convince me that I should get into powerlifting. Took the first step and I literally blew the competition out of the water. 

Due to the nature of your professional career, your muscles must take a bit of a beating. Which Fourfive products do you use to help with your recovery?

The two main products I use are CBD Oil 2000mg just before bed for a relaxed sleep and Thermal Joint Gel during training. 

How have Fourfive CBD products changed the way you recover and also how have they helped you maintain your high level of performance?

It has helped really well with sleep and sleep is a big factor MANY (one included) neglect or ignore.

Which CBD dosage do you take and do you take it in line with any other nutritional supplements or homeopathics? What do you think works best for you?

I have to take the CBD Oil 2000omg. I also take Vitamin D3…. we live in London the sun doesn’t shine here and when it does, it’s on a part-time shift LOL. And also fish oil. 

In relation to the vitamins you mentioned you take in the last question, what benefits do you feel your body gains most from taking them? Would you recommend others take them to support an active lifestyle such as yours?

I definitely recommend people to take Vitamin D3 and Omega 3 Fish Oil. Healthier bones and for overall health so it’s not just needed necessary for training, but also for general health too. 

When do you tend to take Fourfive CBD / Nutrition products? Is there a routine or time of day that you take them to benefit most from them?

Omega 3 Fish oil and Vitamin D3 in the morning with breakfast. Then I take the CBD Oil 2000mg just before bed