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Your ultimate hydration solution on the go. Hydro Plus electrolyte tablets will replenish and revitalise with essential minerals like sodium, potassium, and magnesium. Simply drop a tablet into the sleek and durable fourfive Water Bottle, designed for convenience and functionality. Whether you’re hitting the gym, going for a run, or simply commuting to work, stay hydrated and energised throughout the day with this dynamic duo.

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Hydro Plus 3 Pack

Our Hydro Plus tablets contains the same great ingredients as our fan favourite Hydrate tablets, but are newly named and wrapped in a punchy new design.
The handy 10 tablet travel pack is the ideal size to chuck in your gym bag, airplane carry on or keep in your bedside drawer for morning after foggy heads and the 20 tablet pack is great for those supporting a dailing nutrition routine.

Designed to support hydration and perfect for use during and after exercise, these fizzy tabs help to replace the electrolytes lost through sweating. Our low-calorie, vegan friendly and chalk-free formulation includes a selection of water-soluble vitamins in addition to magnesium and calcium to support metabolism, energy production and recovery. So whether you’re recovering from a big workout or a big week these soluble wonders will give your body a surge of vitamins and nutrients to keep you on the move.



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Dehydration leads to reduced blood flow to muscles making them tight and potentially leading to DOMS, pulls and strains, dehydrated muscles also take longer to recover post exercise.