What do mushrooms do for your body?

Dom Day
Dom Day

When many of us are put in mind of mushrooms, we are likely to quickly think about their reputation as an excellent food for supporting good health.

But let’s be honest; for all the wonders that the vitamins and minerals packed into mushrooms can bring, and for all their versatility when it comes to adding them to all manner of recipes, is your mushroom intake quite what it could be? Indeed, could you even cite the health advantages of mushrooms without having to consult an article like this one?

Here at fourfive, we have been developing the supplements – including Multi Mushroom: Ultimate Blend, Reishi Mushroom: Bedtime Blend, and Lion’s Mane Mushroom: Energy and Focus – that you can rely on to contribute to your lifestyle and wellness in a fuss-free way.

So, let’s use the fourfive supplements range as a case study in observing the effects that mushrooms can have on the body, including when taken in capsule form. Those effects can include:

A stronger immune response

With such ingredients of our supplements as shiitake mushrooms, chaga mushrooms, and reishi mushroom having been associated with positive impacts on the immune system, they could be an excellent option for helping to ensure you can keep fending off those nasties.

The reduction of tiredness and fatigue

If you’re looking to achieve more restful sleep at the same time as lessening the fatigue you feel on a day-to-day basis, reishi mushroom – or our supplements containing them – can play a big role in you achieving this goal.

Our Reishi Mushroom: Bed Time Blend complex even consists of calming Lemon Balm to further support you in making a healthy sleep cycle a reality.

Better brain function and mental focus

Did you know about the research that has indicated lion’s mane mushrooms contain two special compounds believed to stimulate the growth and repair of brain cells?

This is just one reason why our Lion’s Mane Mushroom: Energy and Focus product may be of interest to you, not least given the bacopa monnieri that is also included among the ingredients. The latter plant has been associated with possible improvements in brain function, attention, memory, and information processing.

Greater relaxation and decreased stress

If stress seems to have been a key theme of your life lately that you’re struggling to overcome, this could be yet another excellent justification for browsing the fourfive mushroom supplements range.

Looking down the ingredients list of the aforementioned Ultimate Blend, for example, you might have noticed the inclusion of maitake mushroom. No less than the “dancing mushroom” (as the Japanese have been known to call it), it offers an essential organic compound that research has linked to the promotion of relaxation, and even perhaps lower blood pressure.

There you have it – just some of the genuine effects that you can anticipate mushrooms having on your body when you adopt a steady and healthy intake.

And with our own carefully formulated supplements at fourfive helping to make such advantages all the more accessible even if your lifestyle scarcely ever seems to have been busier, this could also be a great time to place your order from our store.