Are you getting enough hydration during exercise? 

George Kruis
George Kruis

When it comes to hydration, especially at times of physical exertion, some important principles can be easier to remember than others. 

Here at fourfive, we cater to seasoned fitness enthusiasts and ‘weekend warriors’ alike. And we’re sure that – whatever your status and level of experience – you will be familiar with the importance of ensuring proper hydration while you exercise. 

With water making up about half the human body, and playing a crucial part in all manner of bodily functions, the fact that exercise could cause you to lose as much as one or two litres of water an hour, should mean you take care to top up your fluids. 

If you are dehydrated at any point during your fitness routine, you won’t be as effective in your efforts to reach new personal bests. You’ll feel tired, your body will find it harder to control temperature, and your heart will be forced to work harder to pump blood around the body. 

All in all, it’s just not a great thing for your general health to allow yourself to be dehydrated either before or during exercise. So, how can you help correct the situation? 

The steps you can take to make sure you’re drinking enough 

It might seem like obvious advice to simply say, “keep drinking water”, but in many cases, it really will be the best advice. Having said that, it is vital to be mindful of exactly how much fluid you will require in order to continue giving peak performance during your workouts. 

The optimal level of fluid intake for you, will hinge on such factors as how much you sweat (men tend to sweat more than women, and bigger people usually sweat more than smaller people), the heat and humidity levels where you’re exercising, and the duration of your exercise. 

Your instincts will play a crucial role, too. So, if you’re utterly dripping with sweat or starting to get thirsty, you should absolutely drink, whatever your calculations might have been prior to your workout session. 

Then, there’s a little something else that could help you achieve optimal hydration: our own carefully formulated Hydro Plus tablets here at fourfive. 

Many fitness enthusiasts have long appreciated our hydration supplements under the Hydrate name. And if you’re one of them, you will be pleased to know that the same immensely effective ingredients are present in our Hydro Plus tablets. 

You can purchase them from our store in various quantities of tablets at a time – from 10 tablets to 200 tablets – with a single 10-tablet pack being a convenient size for your gym bag or airplane carry on. They’re fizzy tablets that provide excellent support for hydration when taken during and after exercise, helping to replace the electrolytes your body might have lost due to sweating. 

When you consider the other attractive aspects of these hydration supplements – such as their low calories, vegan-friendliness, and inclusion of vitamins, magnesium, and calcium – you probably won’t be surprised to learn that they are already big sellers in our store. 

Replenish your fluids the fourfive way – and achieve more from your workouts as a result 

Hydration is a subject that needs to be taken extremely seriously by those engaged in workouts, and no one takes it quite as seriously as our team here at fourfive does. Our already popular Hydro Plus hydration supplements are the outcome of our continued hard work in this area. 
So, why not check out the broader range in our online shop today, in the knowledge that by committing to a subscription, you could also save a whopping 20%?