fourfive Teamplayer Ojie Edoburun

Kirsty McCullough
Kirsty McCullough

British Olympic Track and Field Athlete makes dash for fourfive.

Off the back of his recent gold medal win at the Commonwealth Games we managed to catch up with brand new fourfive Teamplayer, Ojie Edoburun.

With an outstanding track record and a victory for England in the men’s 4x100m final, Ojie already has an impressive running career behind him. But what keeps him going and how does he win everyday? Find out below.

What are your Small Easy Wins?

I try to look at personal goals for the day, giving myself credit for the things that don’t seem that important. Waking up and going to training that day, saying no to going out with a friend, staying disciplined when no one is looking, eating right, they all contribute towards the bigger picture.

What are your 3 tips for a good night’s sleep?

  • Be disciplined with sleeping times
  • Don’t nap during the day
  • Don’t do intensive exercise 2/3 hours before bed time

What are your 3 Tips to beat anxiety

  • Expose yourself to what is giving you anxiety until you become familiar/comfortable knowing that the fear can’t harm you.
  • Practising breathing techniques.
  • Speaking to someone who could help you see the logical side of what is giving you anxiety.

What are your 3 Tips for Training for a big challenge

  • Making sure you’re conditioned whether that’s through the gym or through circuits so you don’t get injured.
  • Make sure your training is stressing your body enough to be ready for your challenge.
  • Practicing your challenge so that come the day you become familiar with executing and making sure your body doesn’t feel too foreign with the process.

What do you think are the common misconceptions around CBD?

  • That people take CBD to get high.
  • That CBD and marijuana are the same thing.
  • CBD is illegal.

I’ve heard a lot of great things about CBD when it comes to sleep, recovery and general wellness. It’s something that you realise at a high level you need to add to the element of your game and its something I want to Push on my journey to assist me in getting to more podiums.

Ojie Edoburun

What is your morning and/or evening routine?

My morning routine consists of meditating, having breakfast and hydrating.
My evening routine is stretching, doing activation exercises and circuits that I need to do to get better.

What are the differences in training for a sprint compared to a marathon?

A marathon has more to do with a lot more millage and endurance and pacing where a sprint is more explosive, more power based and more reactivity.

Who would be your dream running partner if you could choose any celebrity or athlete?

My dream running partner would be Cristiano Ronaldo, He seems very focused and very determined and I think there are a lot of key skills that could rub off on me, Or Thierry Henry because he is my number one Arsenal legend lol.

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