Activities And Exercises to do Outdoors

Dom Day
Dom Day

With the summer season upon us and warmer days on the horizon, switch up your exercise routine by getting outside. When you see blue sky and sun, all you want to do is be outside, so why not make the most of it by tailoring your workouts to suit the outdoors?

Below we have listed the ideal workouts and activities that you can do outside so that you can enjoy the sun whilst also maximising your fitness routine. 

Five Exercises to do Outdoors

Take your workouts outside with these five different exercises that can be easily done outside, whether you’re at your local park or your own back garden. We’ve pulled together routines that require minimum accessories such as weights and workout mats.

1. HIIT Workout

A workout that requires no equipment, high-intensity interval training can be done anywhere you’d like. Here are the different exercises you’ll be doing, you can change the reps and times based on your fitness level:

2. Park Bench Workout

Head on over to your favourite park and choose a nice spot because this workout makes full use of a park bench. Look for one that is sturdy and will hold your weight. 

Again, adjust the number of reps and times based on your fitness level:

3. Cardio Workout

A cardio workout can be tailored to your personal preferences and the outdoors areas you have access to. Workout ideas include 100 metre sprints, football field sprints, agility training, running up and down stairs, hill running and laps around your local park.

4. Skipping Rope Workout

Jump/skipping ropes are a great tool for workouts, and they’re the ideal workout to do outside (who wants to be risking the use of a skipping rope indoors anyway?). Jump rope workouts are one of the most underrated workouts and can be used as a warmup to a larger workout too.

5. Yoga and Pilates

Yoga and pilates are versatile, you can make it as tough as you want or as easy as you want, that’s why it’s perfect for the summer. Adapt your routine to suit how you’re feeling on a given day or what the weather is like! 

Perfect for the summer, taking your yoga or pilates routine outside can make the whole experience even more zen because of your connection with fresh air and nature.

Five Activities to do Outdoors

Outdoor activities are great contributors to your overall fitness. The number of calories you can burn doing some of your favourite summertime activities can equate to what you’re losing at the gym.

1. Hiking

Hiking naturally brings you outside. A typical hike can last a few hours, meaning you can burn lots of calories as well as exercise your lower body and core. Find a beautiful location near you (or make a day of it and travel further) and explore nature whilst also working your body.

2. Swimming

Perfect for the summer, especially if you have access to an outdoor pool, swimming uses almost all of your muscles to stay afloat and push against the resistance of the water. It helps improve core strength and targets your upper body muscles.

Try swimming a few lengths of the pool on your next summer holiday with the opportunity to burn up to 400 calories in a 30-minute swim!

3. Recreational Sports

Some recreational sports are great for the outdoors including tennis, football and basketball. The benefits of playing sports are that they’re fun, can target multiple muscle groups, and get your heart rate up. Tennis, for example, makes full use of your upper and lower body strength to run around the court and swing the racket.

For a low-intensity sport, try golf. Golf requires good core and upper body strength and walking around with your clubs can help burn around 300 calories an hour.

4. Bike Riding

Cycling targets your glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, arms, shoulders and back. Outdoor biking also targets your core more than a stationary bike at the gym does. 

Cycling is a run impact cardio sport that can be enjoyed outdoors and with family and friends. Check out one of the five cycling locations we found to plan your next trip.

5. Roller Skating

A fun exercise that has seen a huge growth in popularity over the last couple of years, roller skating can get you outside with friends and family. Classed as an aerobic exercise, roller skating helps to strengthen the heart and improve muscle strength and endurance. 

Find your best looking pair of roller skates and your favourite playlist and head over to your local park this summer.

Things to Consider When Exercising Outdoors

There are a few considerations when moving your fitness routines and activities outdoors. 

1. Wear Suncream

Firstly, the summer sun can be hot and it’s important to top yourself up with sun cream. SPF is vital when exercising outside and the risk of burning peaks at around noon, when the sun is at its hottest. This is why it’s good to exercise outside in the morning or evening.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

Staying hydrated is also key. You need 1.5 litres of water a day without exercising, so you’ll need plenty more if you’re exercising. Heat and sun also make you dehydrated quicker, which means it’s important to remember to keep drinking water throughout the day and during your workout. 

3. Avoiding Germs

Exercising outside exposes you to a lot more germs than a typical home workout. Avoid rubbing your eyes while exercising as this is the perfect way for germs to enter your body. Also, clean any sporting equipment you may be sharing. If you’re doing a bench workout then bring some hand sanitiser for after your workout to kill any germs.

Try these activities and workouts this summer to make the most of both your fitness routine and the beautiful weather. You can also browse our bundles to find vitamins and supplements to suit your fitness and wellness needs.