The Support Bundle

Our Support Bundle Box is designed with those suffering from the after effects of a long term active lifestyle or more chronic conditions in mind. We’ve put together a selection of our best products to help you feel back at home in your body and to support you in your daily routine.

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CBD Capsules

A no-nonsense, quality CBD capsule great for first-timers or anyone after an easy dose — without skimping on quality. Our CBD comes in 10mg tablets for precise dosing everyday. Our 100% natural, herbicide and pesticide free, vegan CBD is the perfect supplement to get the most out of your day. We only use the best ingredients in our CBD capsules, extracted by the CO2 process and third party lab tested to ensure only the highest purity, quality and flavour. We only create the very best, backed by world class athletes, trusted by YOU.


60 x 10mg

CBD Thermal Joint Gel

Whether you’re an athlete or suffer with the highs and lows of an active lifestyle, our CBD infused Thermal Joint Gel may be the perfect natural remedy to help you on your road to recovery. We’ve created a top of the line, BSCG (Olympic standard of drug testing) certified CBD infused Joint Gel, enriched with natural Glucosamine and Arnica. Naturally produced in the body but not commonly found in food, Glucosamine is often associated with maintaining strong cartilage. Whilst Arnica is commonly used in homeopathic remedies and associated with healing.

Naturally produced in the body but not commonly found in food, Glucosamine contributes to growing and maintaining strong cartilage. Whilst Arnica is known to reduce swelling, decrease pain and is especially popular to help relieve symptoms of osteoarthritis.


Vitamin D3

Known as the sunshine vitamin, our vegan friendly, Vitamin D3 capsules are the perfect antidote to the short days and long nights of Winter. Designed by athletes so you can maintain your immune function like a pro. Our fast-absorbing capsules are made with 100% natural ingredients, no preservatives or unnatural fillers and are packed full of bioactive ingredients with optimum bioavailability for optimum results.

30 Capsules

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Help from the experts Why will this box support my pain management?

If you’re living with the long term effects of prolonged injuries from an active lifestyle or managing chronic pain, a daily supplement such as Vitamin D can help maintain the normal function of muscles and bones as well as reducing the risk of falling associated with postural instability and muscle weakness, for those of a “certain age”. Our Support Bundle Box also includes our BSCG Tested and athlete trusted CBD Joint Gel which is infused with menthol to help with inflammation often associated with long term pain, in addition to arnica and glucosamine. We’ve also included our CBD Capsules which make perfect addition to your daily supplement routine and are easily dosed.

Standing apart from the various other essential nutrients, Vitamin D is most notable for its involvement with the management of blood calcium levels, bone and muscle function.