Hydrate 10 Pack

200 Tablets

Our Natural Berry flavoured, caffeine free, Hydrate tablets are the ideal workout buddy.
Designed to support hydration and perfect for use during and after exercise, these fizzy tabs help to replace the electrolytes lost through sweating. Our low-calorie, vegan friendly and chalk-free formulation includes a selection of water-soluble vitamins in addition to magnesium and calcium to support metabolism, energy production and recovery. So whether you’re recovering from a big workout or a big week these soluble wonders will give your body a surge of vitamins and nutrients to keep you on the move.


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Dehydration leads to reduced blood flow to muscles making them tight and potentially leading to DOMS, pulls and strains, dehydrated muscles also take longer to recover post exercise.

Fourfive Hydrate
fourfive hydrate Hydration for recovery

How does it work?
If you’re looking to stay active and recover quicker, hydration is key. When we exercise, our bodies sweat, but we don’t only lose water, we lose essential electrolytes such as sodium which the body uses to help control blood pressure, nerve and muscle function. If you’re not replacing the fluids you’re losing during exercise you’ll quickly become dehydrated, leading to muscle cramps, increased heart rate and slower recovery.

That’s where we come in, our Hydrate tablets are packed full of electrolytes as well as vital vitamins to help you rest, recover and rise. For optimal muscle function, calcium, potassium and magnesium are your best friends. Vitamin C helps to keep you energised, whilst magnesium and sodium also contribute to normal electrolyte balance. The added combination of B vitamins keep your mind focused and your energy levels high.

How to use

Simply dissolve one tablet in 500ml of water and sip throughout exercise or activity, and after exercise to rehydrate by replacing lost electrolytes through sweating.

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